Artwork Portfolio

Neon Darling is a Brisbane-based independent brand established June 2022, focusing on limited edition themed collections.

All collections are Neon Pastel themed, inspired by all things anime, Japan and video games, hand drawn and designed by Amy Lee.

Neon Darling's first convention was Akacon 2022 in Logan QLD as a last minute addition after another artist had to pull out. ND did amazing with sales, selling out of all bundles within the first 4 hours on the first day at the convention. Almost all hoodies and shirt stock sold out, paving the way for a successful launch and leading towards their first Original Character collection.

Pictured: Neon Darling's first ever last minute table set up for Akacon 2022.

Since the initial launch and first Con, after a brief hiatus, Neon Darling came back with an original collection crossing the boundaries between Japanese Yokai & Cyberpunk aesthetic with three new original characters in a collection 'The Future is Yokai'. This collection had it's first official physical launch at Smash! Con 2023 where Neon Darling shared their table alongside Absolute Territory. It was the best experience of a Con and we cannot wait to do hopefully do Smash! Con again in 2024.

In between Smash! Con and the end of the year, Neon Darling has been busy working on their newest Jujutsu Kaisen Inspired collection which has successfully launched December/January/March 2023-2024. This collection features Sukuna (glow in the dark), Megumi, and Geto/Gojo inspired pieces. The Sukuna inspired shirts officially launched in person at HAi! Festival in Brisbane December 2023.

Pictured: Neon Darling's last minute table set up for HAi! Festival after another artist was unable to attend.\

Photos of the new collection 'Battle of Curses' :

The next collection is currently underway, where Neon Darling is taking a step into the more Harajuku style fashion scene - their Game Over kawaii collection.
This collection will be completely mix and match in colour scheme, with tops, skirts and leg warmers to be part of the sets. This will be a big launch that will (hopefully) officially launch in person for Collectors Market in Brisbane May 2024.