Deep Dive: A look at the Influence on Neon Darling's Debut Collection

Deep Dive: A look at the Influence on Neon Darling's Debut Collection

It's about time we take a special journey back to the roots of our very first collection - a journey inspired by none other than Episode 19 of the iconic anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion. This episode isn't just another chapter in the series; it's a ground-breaking moment that made it the obvious choice to inspire the first ever collection release.

Episode 19: A Turning Point in Neon Genesis Evangelion
Episode 19 is where everything changes in Neon Genesis Evangelion. It's more than just a plot twist; it's a seismic shift in the narrative and tone of the series. This episode is where we witness Eva Unit 01, piloted by Shinji Ikari, go berserk in a way that’s both terrifying and fascinating. The animalistic movements, the raw, murderous intent – it's a scene that's as gruesome as it is memorable.


Why This Episode Resonates With Us
We're drawn to the raw intensity and transformation depicted in this episode. It's about breaking boundaries and unleashing a power you did not know you had – themes that deeply resonate with our brand ethos. The berserk mode of Eva Unit 01 symbolizes a rebellion against constraints, a theme that resonated with us.

The Influence on Our First Collection
When we decided to create our first collection, we love Neon Genesis so we knew it had to be not only iconic and eye-catching, but something that is inspired by this pivotal moment. We wanted to capture that raw energy, that transformation from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Our collection mirrors the intensity of Eva Unit 01’s berserk mode – the chaos, the power, and the unbridled passion - while also keeping it a fashionable and simplistic statement of the designs.

Designing with Passion and Intensity
Each piece in our collection is infused with the spirit of Episode 19. From the explosive colours to the dynamic designs, we aim to evoke the same powerful emotions that the episode stirred in us. Our goal is to provide more than just clothing; we offer a piece of art that resonates with the spirit of rebellion and transformation.

A Tribute to a Timeless Series
Neon Genesis Evangelion has left an indelible mark on the world of anime, and Episode 19 is a testament to its enduring impact. By channelling the essence of this episode, we pay homage to a series that continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

Join Us in Celebrating This Iconic Moment
We invite you to explore what remains of our limited collection and experience the raw, untamed spirit of Neon Genesis Evangelion. It's a celebration of transformation, intensity, and the art of rebellion - themes that lie at the very heart of Neon Darling.

Visit our collection to embrace the power and passion, let’s continue to break boundaries and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, together.


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